Ryan's Banner

A group of National Guard soldiers came into an area restaurant for lunch and left with more than a full belly.

For two months a "support our troops" banner has been hanging in the foyer of Ryan's Steakhouse in Thomasville.

As 110 National Guardsmen came in for lunch, Ryan's presented these men and women with the banner to show their appreciation.

"People in the community have had a good time coming through, looking at the banner, signing it and looking at all the names that are on the banner," shared Ryan's General Manager Charles Norris.

The banner has messages from former military and from other members of the community, messages that Commander Hampton says make soldiers in Iraq feel supported.

"When we were in Iraq we did receive banners that people had signed and it just made us feel good; it let us know there were people at home thinking about us and hoping that we came home soon," shared Commander Alice Hampton with the 1148 Transportation Company.

Although the banner is only a small token of appreciation, behind every signature is an entire community’s support.

The 1148 Transportation Company was deployed to Iraq and returned last July.