Arrest Made in Murder of FSU Student

The live-in boyfriend of Chaka Baldwin turned himself in on an unrelated charge in Broward County.

It's an image many Campus Walk neighbors still cannot get out of their minds. TJ Smith remembers the horrified screams after Chaka Baldwin's friends found her murdered inside her apartment last Wednesday.

TJ says, "It's messed up; I mean, nothing like that really happens in Tallahassee anyway and then for it to happen here, like right around the corner from us, is crazy."

There's some sense of relief. Tallahassee police charged Baldwin's live-in boyfriend, 22-year-old Steven Thomas with her murder. Police say the investigation's focus turned to Thomas after Baldwin's car was found in Broward County. There’s still no word on what evidence was found.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee Police Department spokesperson, says, "Witness statements identified him as a possible suspect, so we did want to question him, and once he got word of that he turned himself in."

Apparently, this isn't his first run-in with the law. Newland says they've had prior domestic violence calls to the couple's home. The last call came Wednesday night.

Immanuel Abdiyah, a Campus Walk resident, says, "I feel that justice will be served, and more importantly her family and friends will have peace of mind about the incident, what happened."

Thomas is being held in a Broward County Jail awaiting extradition to Leon County. The extradition process is happening right now, but as far as an exact date on when he'll be brought back, we don't know.