This Is Only a Test

Shortly before 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, the call goes out: a plane crash.

With victims everywhere, first responders arrive on scene. Members of the media are quickly briefed.

Superintendent David Pollard says, "An MD88 type aircraft from Blue Water Airlines, flight 1388, was apparently struck by some sort of device."

As bad as it looks, this scene is not real, but if it were, first responders say they want to be ready. The victims were all actors, but good ones.

Ruby Ashby, a "victim,” says, "I don't feel to good right now. I can't even tell you what I've been through."

If this crash were real like the FedEx crash at Tallahassee Regional a few years back, all involved agencies would have to be prepared and on one accord.

Coordinators say for an event of this magnitude you can never plan too much. Tallahassee Regional is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct emergency disaster exercises every three years.