Long, Hot Summer Ahead for Tallahassee Teen Mailbox Bombers

The teens were moved from juvenile court to adult court, and in a deal brokered Wednesday will spend 75 days on the sheriff's work camp.

Postal carrier Melinda Lyons worked the route where several of the homemade bottle bombs were found. We talked to her when the spate of explosions first started.

Melinda says, "It's hard out here doing my job, but that's the only thing I know to do right now."

These four teens were arrested last week, charged with felonies and held in juvenile lockup. Now they've been transferred to the adult system and allowed to plea to misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief.

Willie Meggs, Florida State attorney, says, "This summer, they belong to me. They're going to be working in the sheriff's work program, in the striped suit program, for 75 days this summer."

The teens will spend their days picking up trash, clearing debris, things like that. The state attorney says given the boys' clean records and good grades, he felt the pain of manual labor and embarrassment was appropriate.

Willie Meggs adds, "We think we have some pretty good sanctions that really punish and will call attention to the dangerousness of what they were doing, but would not have the long term damage to some young men who did something incredibly stupid."

Two of the boys, Justin Terry and Jeffrey Wilson, entered pleas to criminal mischief Wednesday. Bryce Harris and Brian Warner will enter pleas to the same charges Thursday. All four will be on probation for the next two years.