Drug Bust in South Georgia

It all happened before the sun came up; 102 grams of marijuana, 9 grams of powder cocaine, ecstasy pills and more than $2,000 were seized during a joint operation between the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force, the Camilla Police Department and the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office.

Vernon Nobles of the Camilla Police Department, says, "Which resulted in numerous arrests after complaints of citizens in the county that had been complaining about the drug activity in a particular neighborhood in the county."

The drug bust took place in a neighborhood on McNair Road. Officials say six people were arrested, including a 15-year-old.

The two adult defendants, Eddie Gilbert and Udrayus Frazier, were charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy with intent to distribute.

INV Nobles adds that this operation was successful because it was a collaborative effort among different agencies.

Nobles says, "If we don't share information on what we receive we might be working on the same thing and one agency may have some very important information that the other agency does not have."

It’s information that helps law enforcement fight drugs in the area. Officials urge any citizens with information on drug activity to contact the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force, the Camilla Police Department, the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office, or the Pelham Police Department.