Local FCAT Results

If you're a third grader living in Leon County, give yourself a pat on the back. The FCAT results are in and Leon County is leading the Sunshine State once again.

Math is on the rise and reading remains steady among Leon County third graders. The results are very pleasing if you ask Superintendent Bill Montford, especially among the schools which made exceptional gains.

There's more than meets the eye at Moore Elementary. Inside these classrooms you'll find passionate teachers and students.

"This is a note I wrote to tell my teacher how much I appreciate her," said student Lindsey Langston.

Langston says her teacher means the world to her. It's the kind of relationship that sets the Mustangs apart from the rest.

"We're focusing on ‘it's making a difference,’ " said W.T. Moore Elementary School Principal Woody Hildebrent.

It’s a difference in the classroom and across the state when it comes to FCAT scores.

"Moore had nice gains; 11 percent in both reading and math," said Director of Student Assessment Paul Felsch.

Scores that aren't surprising to staff.

"We said for a week we had no homework that week, so excited about that," said third grade teacher Roberta Hudgins.

While the excitement continues, the pressure is on. School grades come out soon and they're hoping for a hat-trick: three As in a row.

Moore isn't the only school that excelled on the FCAT this year, several others did too.