Youth in Crisis

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If you, a family member or even a neighbor have a child in crisis, one who's constantly getting in trouble, you'll want to read this report. It could be life changing.

A new lifeline is now available to help get children back on the right track, and help is just a phone call away. A mother talking on the telephone explains that her child can't seem to stop getting into trouble.

Brenda Mueller, a worker at Disc Village, says, "We get lots of calls from the community about needing services, parents wanting to get help for their child before they actually get into the juvenile justice system."

Because of these calls for help, a new organization is stepping up to help these mothers, fathers and other caregivers who may have no where else to turn.

"The FRC, Family Resource Center, is a one stop hub for families who are in crisis and need some help now. If your child is in crisis, what we do is provide a resource on the computer or hotline where you can call and get the proper resources you need for your child," said Family Resource Center CEO Alvin Stewart.

FRC says it does more than just give out suggestions and phone numbers. Tallahassee Police Chief Walt McNeil says, "It enhances the quality of life for all our citizens if we can make sure our kids are involved in constructive things."

Mueller says, "Well, it's a great resource for matching community providers. A lot of times we have just the bigger agencies that we have names and numbers for. This way, it brings in the grassroots."

FRC says it if someone is brave enough to ask for help, FRC is going to help them find it.

If you would like information about the services provided by FRC or if you need help, you can call the 24 hour hotline at 850-523-1KID.