Boating Safety Week

President Bush has signed a resolution proclaiming this week "National Safe Boating Week." Many boaters are following suit.

For David Colman, a fishing trip with his sons is the greatest escape, but there is one fishing trip he foregoes each year, one that falls on Memorial Day.

David says, “I try to avoid those days. I enjoy it when it's less crowded and stuff.”

The same goes for Wray Holland, a commercial fisherman who's packing up for a four day grouper roundup. He says Memorial Day brings out inexperienced boaters, some even become a threat on the water.”

Wray says, “It's hard to see around me. The boats dart around and it's unsafe. You should respect boats around you.”

Respect and intellect, both are qualities the president and Florida's governor are encouraging among boaters.

National Safe Boating Week is upon us, and stocking up on safety supplies is a must.

Terry Johnson says, “We got jackets, flares, horns, rods and bate.”

The only thing missing is a cooler full of fish, something Terry and his family hope to reel in.

Before you head to the docks this weekend do a quick check. FWC requires a life vest for each person on board, a fire extinguisher, a horn or whistle, a flashlight or flag, and of course, a current boat registration.