Too Many Pedophiles, Not Enough Police

Special Agent Bob Breeden has many roles at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Division of Computer Crimes, but there's one that may be saving your kids: the role of undercover agent looking for pedophiles online.

It starts with a "fake" profile of a 13 or 14-year-old girl or boy, and then comes the chat room.

Bob Breeden says, "Literally, within minutes, we have bad guys chatting with us, usually very sexual conversations, very graphic in nature."

Unfortunately, Breeden says there are so many pedophiles targeting children they can barely keep up, but they are doing something about it.

Through its "Internet Crimes Against Children" program, FDLE has already trained 25 north and central Florida law enforcement agencies on how to tackle the problem and give them the right equipment to do it. Additional funding will bring in 12 more agencies this July.

Breeden adds, "Since we started this program in August we've made 79 arrests for those 25 agencies and we think the addition of 12 new agencies will help increase that number."

Don Condon, an FDLE special agent, says, "The courts are taking a much more serious approach to those types of crimes and we're sending these online predators and people who deal in online pornography, seeing prison time."

But it's also going to take parents. Breeden says the most important method of prevention is parents educating themselves and their kids about the dangers online. It's also advised that parents keep the computer in a common area in the home so you can keep an eye on your children.