Local College Celebrates Grand Opening

It's been 10 years in the making, but Southwest Georgia Technical College finally has a new building with bigger classrooms, administrative offices, and a boardroom.

Faculty, staff, students and community members celebrate the expansion and the future of the college.

Dr. Freida Hill, the president, says, "It means that we'll be able to have some programs and classes that we've not had before. Although we're still very crowded it gives us more space. These classrooms are designed to hold more students that our older classrooms."

Faculty say the new building and state-of-the-art equipment will enhance the learning experience for students here at the college.

Don Crews, a psychology instructor, says, "It gives me an advantage because I have a lot of work for the students to do online, and with having the computers, I can just pull the laptops out, have them go over the information as I want to."

Jason Mustain, a student, says, "The services that come along with the building have made it that much more pleasurable to come to school, and the added parking helps too."

Southwest Georgia Technical College plans to ask the state to fund a second building to accommodate the growing number of students interested in programs at the college.

Southwest Georgia Technical College has some new programs in the works including gerontology, basic machining and social services.