"Check on Seniors" Helping Residents in Quincy

Henry Rollins is a senior citizen who lives in this quiet Quincy neighborhood.

Rollins says oftentimes elderly neighbors may have medical emergencies and have no one to call for help.

Henry Rollins says, "The lady across the street, she had to call 9-1-1 about three months ago and I was the only one who saw the EMS truck and I walked down to see if I could do anything.”

Quincy police officials are now doing something about it. They're implementing a new program called "Check on Seniors." The goal is to identify seniors who are alone and check on them on a regular basis.

OFC Tom Murray of the Quincy Police Department says, "Sometimes we would respond and they would be on the floor and they can't get up and we have to try to gain entrance to get in and see about them."

Residents like Rollins say this newly formed program could mean a difference between life and death for some elderly residents.

Rollins says, "I'm all for this program; there's some people that don't have any relatives, they loose their wife or their husband, and just a call would mean a lot."

Quincy police officials are hoping the "Check on Seniors” program will show folks the department is concerned about their safety and well being.

Please call the Quincy Police Department at 850-627-7111 to find out more about the "Check on Seniors" program.