Accused Arsonist Pleads Insanity

A judge ruled that David Bilsky should be sent back to the state mental hospital for further treatment. The Church of the Holy Spirit was gutted by fire last April with damages nearing $750,000.

David Bilsky, who his attorney calls a diagnosed schizophrenic, was arrested and accused of setting that fire. He's spent a year at the state mental hospital, and now a judge has ruled Bilsky was insane at the time of the fire and is not guilty in the eyes of the law.

John Kenny, Bilsky's attorney, says, "The court will continue to monitor his progress and make sure that he's complying with the treatment recommendations and does not violate in any way, assuming he does that he should not have to answer for these charges."

Members of the church now meet in a rented double wide trailer, the altar one of the few things that survived the fire.

Word that Bilsky would not be held criminally liable for the arson did not faze the new pastor. He says the congregation forgave Bilsky long ago.

Father Jim Parker says, "Guess what's important? Your family, your children, your friends. These are the things that go through life. Buildings come and go."

There are plans in the works to build a new church that will hold about twice as many people, and Father Parker says its members will continue to pray for the healing of David Bilsky.

David Bilsky will face no further charges in connection with the fire. He'll continue to receive treatment until doctors say he is ready to return to society.