Local Students Raise Money for Red Cross

At such a young age, these students at Northside Elementary have already made an impact in their community.

The students and teachers raised $2,000 to help the local chapter of the American Red Cross.

Brian Thomas, a student, says, “We sold pencils, tattoos, chicken pilau, and the teachers wore jeans."

The fundraising was part of the Red Cross Heroes Campaign, where heroes in the community set out to raise $1,000 to benefit the Red Cross.

Scott Higginbotham set his goal and enlisted the help of teachers and students at Northside.

Scott says, "What they did was great they actually came up and raised $2,000."

The kids also learned about the importance of giving back.

Jasmine Garbnei, a student, says, "Because when we have tornadoes and hurricanes people need shelter and food and somewhere to sleep during the night."

Cheryl Frazier, a first grade teacher, says, "This is money that they'll never see or some of them might see, they don't know, but it was nice to donate it whether we get anything in return or not."

And whatever the outcome, the lessons learned are priceless. The money donated by Northside Elementary will be used by the Red Cross toward disaster relief in Grady County.