Teen Report: Life After High School

The National Center for Higher Education estimates more than 60 percent of graduating seniors will go to college, but as teen reporter Ashley Nunn found out, not all grads will opt for a higher education.

Reggie Jones is one of many Leon County seniors who plans on attending college this fall. Jones has been accepted at Florida International University on a football scholarship and plans to pursue a career in culinary arts.

Reggie says, "I think it's important to get a college education because without a college education the jobs and the money really [are] not there and you really need a college education to just help you every day."

While some students are continuing their education by going to college, others are choosing a different path.

Brittany Savage says, "I know a lot of people that are going to college ‘cause their parents are pushing them to go to college, but I know a lot of people that aren't going to college that didn't go to college that made it either way, so I can make it too."

Savage plans on becoming a manager at a local restaurant. She believes a successful career can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Some students say although a college degree may offer a higher salary, money is not thing that should be considered in order to be happy in a career.