Protecting Your Family: Gun Locks

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Accidental shootings account for almost 20 percent of all firearm related fatalities for children under the age of 14, according to the National Safe Kids Campaign.

To help combat that statistic, different gun advocacy groups across the nation are teaming up with law enforcement to help educate and protect the public.

It's estimated that 3.3 million children live in homes with a firearm. With numbers like that, law enforcement says you have to make sure you're family is protected.

Eldon Cort and his wife want to do everything possible to protect the most precious thing in their lives: their grandchildren.

"I have grand kids that roam through the house when they're visiting," said grandfather Eldon Cort.

Cort says he's a gun owner, so between that and his precious grandchildren, he took the time to pick up a free gun lock.

"We don't need them when they're not there, but the kids, I don't want them to get into it."

And law enforcement says a gun lock is one level of protection for children against accidentally injuring or killing themselves with a firearm.

"It's very important and we feel that if you decide you're going to get a gun, get some kind of training on that," said Leon County Sheriff's DEP Cathy Gardner.

Using a gun lock is simple and only takes a few seconds to use; make sure you put the keys somewhere safe. Plus, there's some more quick things that can be done to protect your family.

"Keep your ammo away from the gun and educate everyone in the house. The unauthorized user is most likely going to be a child and we don't want them to get a hold of a firearm," said Project Child Safe spokesman David Correll.

This grandfather says a little bit of effort equals one thing: protection.

If you wanted to pick up a free gun lock and missed the event held outside of Kevin's on Capital Circle, you can always go to the Leon County Sheriff's Office and pick up a free gun lock.

National Safe Kids says in rural areas there's a higher ownership of firearms resulting in more accidental deaths related to children and firearms, and in rural areas a child is more likely to be shot in an outdoor accident than indoors.