Police Memorial at Moody Air Force Base

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National Police Week kicked off with a ceremony in Tallahassee this week, and coming to a close with a special service at Moody Air Force Base.

Members of the 8-20th Security Forces Squadron marched in honor of fallen police officers during a service at Moody Air Force Base on Thursday.

The airmen say they want to honor the fallen officers because they are all part of a larger brotherhood.

"Brotherhood in the sense that it’s always an 'us versus them' type thing. We work strange hours, we respond to dangerous calls and we make difficult decisions, and a lot of people don't see the inside of law enforcement, so we can relate to each other much easier," said Moody Air Force Base TSGT Marshall Armstrong.

Both civilian and military officers laid a white rose at this memorial to honor the Georgians who've died in the past year.

The windows and lights on a military police car have been blacked out in honor of the memorial ceremony, and local police leaders say they're glad to see Moody paying this type of tribute to fallen officers.

"We appreciate that; we appreciate the bond it helps create and we appreciate the men and women at Moody taking time to recognize civilian officers who lose their lives in the line of duty," said Valdosta Police Chief Frank Simons.

For some airmen, its about honoring heroes.

"Nobody wants a police officer until they need a police officer, and when the officer arrives, they go above and beyond the call, they're America's true heroes," said Armstrong.

They’re heroes whether they fight overseas or protect the homeland. On average, nationwide more than 160 officers are lost in the line of duty each year.