Brooks County Job Growth Goes Full Speed Ahead

Business experts say for many years the economic situation in Brooks County, Georgia has been heading in the wrong direction.

Wayne Carroll, a Brooks County businessman, says, "We've lost a lot of industry in the past, and so this has got to be a big boost. We've lost several industries to Mexico and what have you, so we're looking to replace those and build the economy back up for Brooks County."

Community leaders want to rebuild their economy at the site of a new 250-acre industrial park now ready for development.

The new industrial park will transform the old farm land into an area of economic growth and development, and local community leaders say it's been very important to find a place for local business to grow and expand.

Fred Lamb, Brooks County economic developer, says, "We need to support our local industry because they've made the investment in the community. They've stayed through the good and the bad times and they're very stable."

With 80 percent of all Georgia economic growth coming from existing companies, leaders in Brooks County hope to see some home grown growth while attracting some new businesses as well.

Carroll adds, "We certainly hope it will entice some people to come in and put industry and development in our community."

It will help provide both economic and community strength for this once struggling county. Brooks County leaders say they already have several businesses interested in expanding into the new industrial park.