Tallahassee Teens Questioned in School Break-In

Authorities say the two suspects ransacked five classrooms. Now, school officials want answers.

Early Tuesday morning a Leon County sheriff's deputy spotted two young men breaking into Tallahassee's Bond-Wesson Elementary.

DET Rob Waller of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Upon his arrival, he says the subjects approached them. They dropped their belongings and ran."

In this case, five portable classrooms were targeted.

Bill Montford, Superintendent of Leon County Schools, says, "It's unfortunate for our staff that this would occur, but sometimes it happens and we have plans in place that we immediately straighten things up and get the kids back in class."

Authorities say both teens, 16-year-old Roy Owen, Jr. and 15-year-old Marcellus Calloway, are facing felony charges. The items they allegedly stole are valued at more than $300, mostly media equipment.

Rob Waller adds, “It seems at spring and early summer, it does bring about a bit of feeling of freedom to these kids and they seem to do a lot more crime at this point in time."

DET Waller says a third suspect, also believed to be a juvenile, is still on the run. LCSO says the two boys are being questioned for previous burglaries.