Leon County Commission Looking for Answers About Inmate Health Care

Leon County commissioners are reviewing a new report about the Leon County Jail. While there are several issues at hand to be considered, some commissioners are targeting one issue first.

Bill Proctor, Leon County Commissioner, says, "My number one problem is the health provider; prison health services has the contract out there."

Commissioner Proctor says in the report, there's an incident about Clorox bleach being used on a prisoner to clear up a fungus infection.

"It's time to examine them, whether or not they deserve our contract of services. Something is terribly wrong," he says.

Sheriff Larry Campbell says the Clorox bleach incident was investigated and that all involved denied the use of the cleaning agent on a prisoner, but Campbell says he has his own concerns about PHS.

Larry Campbell says, "We are in a position if where they do not meet our expectations and requirements we demand, we'll terminate the contract."

But at least one commissioner wants action now.

Bill Proctor says, "There's a major problem with this provider of health care and I hope Sheriff Campbell will get rid of these people."

But Sheriff Campbell says it's not that easy.

Larry Campbell says, "We've also compared PHS records with other companies that provide health care services. It's a very perplexing issue trying to weigh one against the other. I don't know anybody that is in health care field providing for prisoners that is lawsuit free."

Sheriff Campbell says PHS is on probation and being watched daily.

PHS says there have been no deaths in the last two years and want to remind citizens PHS is nationally accredited. We will hear more from PHS later this week.