County Leaders Vow to Work Together

Wakulla Springs State Park is one of the natural beauties and attractions for those who live here, and Wakulla County commissioners want to keep it clean and available to future generations, but Wakulla commissioners say they're going to need some help to do that.

Brian Langston, Wakulla County Commissioner, says, "I think the hopes are we'd like to work together with our neighboring counties’ commissions, come to a consensus on that we need to protect Wakulla Springs."

That's why Leon County commissioners and staff are in Wakulla, but the protection of Wakulla Springs isn't the only issue.

Parrish Barwick, Wakulla County Administrator, says, "The issues we're really looking at from Wakulla's point of view are transportation between the two counties, future development in the area."

Leon County says it makes sense to try to work together.

Jane Sauls, Leon County Commissioner, says, "This is a great opportunity to get together with Wakulla County and just learn about each other."

Vince Long, Leon County Assistant Administrator, says, "The issues that we're dealing with that affect all of our citizens’ transportation, economic development, you name it."

Both commissions admit in the past there have been some problems between them, but now both say in the interest of their citizens and the future, working together will be the key.

No votes Wednesday evening were dealing with any of the issues up for discussion. Each commission will vote on different issues as they appear on their respective agendas.