Whatever Happened to Rudy Hubbard?

One man in particular once had the national spotlight shining on the Florida A&M University football program, so we wanted to know whatever happened to former Rattler head coach, Rudy Hubbard.

It's a much different world today for Rudy Hubbard, compared to 30 years ago. He spends a lot of time at his home office, where he serves as regional vice president of a financial group. He likes calling his own shots.

Rudy Hubbard, former FAMU head coach, "You know, I think what's happened is I've put myself in a position where I don't think I'll ever have to have another boss, and that alone is powerful for me."

But football was Hubbard's life early on. He was an assistant under Woody Hayes at Ohio State, when he was hired as FAMU's head coach in 1974. He posted an 83-48 and 3 record in his 12 years at the Rattler helm, including the memorable 1978 1AA national championship season.

Hubbard says, "You know, the year before that we had gone undefeated, but really didn't get a chance to play for the championship, but then in 78 that was the first playoff and we felt we had a chance, and we won it; that was the high point.”

There were also low points, including the 1980 season when Bragg stadium was declared unsafe and FAMU had to play Friday nights at Doak Campbell. Hubbard has since left the highs and lows of football behind, but he's carried a lesson learned from Woody Hayes beyond the playing field.

Hubbard says, "He told me the only security you ever have in life is your ability to perform. That sticks with me; I think about that all the time."