Housing Rehab

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Owning a home is part of the American dream, but what happens when you have a home that's close to being inhabitable? Well, if you live in Leon County and can qualify, there's a solution.

A two man team from Blue Chip Construction is working for free right now, putting up a water retaining wall for a home, simply because they want too.

"It helps the community," said Blue Chip Construction worker Lucius Frazier.

Blue Chip did all of the rehabilitation work on the rest of the home. Blue Chip was paid for that, but not by the homeowner.

"Well, the roof was in badly need of repair because it was leaking; the siding was bad and rotting. The windows were single pane and during wintertime the wind would rush through them. It was awful," said home rehabilitation participant Bara Bevins.

Bevins is one of hundreds of Leon County citizens to receive much needed work on their home through a special Leon County program for low income households.

Leon County Department of Housing De'lean Johnson says, "Basically what we do is fix dilapidated homes that they in any other instance would be able to have fixed because it's very costly."

"They put a roof on with beautiful siding with trim and double pane windows," said Bevins. "I am just so awesomely grateful. The house would have just rotted away if I didn't get help."

The county says the program also helps to create jobs for construction companies, and the county itself, but the most important part of the program is the end result.

"It means the world to me," said Bevins.

The county says on average 90 to 100 county homes are rehabilitated every year. The funding comes from the county and state programs. If you would like more information call Leon County Department of Housing at 850-488-7790.