Teen Report: Last Minute College Money

Among the college bound, some have scholarships while others are scrambling to find those last minute funds for tuition, but seniors can still find money for college if they know where to look.

Katie Burke and Dewey Riou are seniors at Chiles High School who are getting ready to graduate, and now in the 11th hour the duo, like some students, are now filling out applications for scholarships.

Katie Burke says, "I was so caught up in making sure I got everything done with high school and everything like that, that I just didn't even think of it, and when I did, now I have to rush to get everything done."

Dewey Riou adds, "I plan on going to TCC this fall and I went on a tour there and also got some forms for financial aid that I'm trying to fill out right now.”

Guidance counselors say that students need to get on the ball when it comes to applying for scholarships. Books include more than $1 million worth of scholarships that students can take advantage of if they meet the deadlines.

Tracey Winkler, a guidance counselor at Chiles High School, says, "What I strongly encourage all my seniors who have not applied for federal financial aid right now is to get onto the website and apply immediately."

If students apply immediately they could reap the benefits of getting thousands of dollars in scholarships to attend the school of their choice.