Jury Deliberates in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Cotton is accused of killing Antonio Steele last year near Tallahassee's Top Flite night club.

Cotton is sticking to his story. He says that he is not the man who robbed then shot Antonio Steele to death.

Thursday, jurors got the chance to hear it from Cotton himself. Cotton took the stand in his own defense saying it was not him who shot and killed Antonio Steel.

Mikel Cotton said, "I saw Twan had a gun out. I was at a standstill."

Cotton says it was the man he was with that night, 23-year-old Charles Mitchell, known as "Twan," who committed the crime.

Last spring, Antonio Steele was robbed and shot while waiting on his friends outside of the Top Flite Cub in Tallahassee.

A cell phone found at the scene led police to Cotton. In the closing arguments, prosecutors pointed out several inconsistencies in Cotton's story.

Ron Flury, prosecutor, said, "He had to make up a story to make everything fit."

Greg Cummings, defense attorney, added, "Mikel's statements today are more truthful."

Cotton did admit to being there with "Twan" and watching the robbery, he just denies any participation.