Leon County Jail's Health Care Provider Reacts to a Recent Report

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A recent in-depth report raised questions that disturbed at least one Leon County commissioner.

A recent workshop about the Leon County Jail ends with Commissioner Bill Proctor blasting the health care provider at the facility, Prison Health Services.

"The report that we received earlier this week looked at data that had occurred over the past two years. We had never received a report before," said Proctor.

PHS says that's part of the problem because in the last two years the health provider has come a long way and is now in good standing with national accolades to prove it.

Prison Health Service regional Vice President Bobby Homer says, "I think we are meeting their expectations right now. We've become nationally accredited. We feel like we're part of the community."

After a visit to the jail's hospital, Proctor does admit to feeling better about PHS and its care for prisoners.

"I received some clear answers. I'm very pleased that medical protocols have been completed and an accreditation has occurred and been obtained in the first try," said Proctor.

When PHS first arrived, the company admits to some problems, but says they've been addressed and a whole new staff of 29 is now in place, including a full-time doctor.

Dr. Allen Winston says, "The staff I have here and the way we organize things, and the support from the security staff, it's top notch."

Commissioner Proctor says he feels better about his concerns, but will continue to monitor PHS. To that, PHS says “no problem.”

There have been three deaths under PHS’ watch; two were drug related, the third is in litigation. No other deaths have occurred at the jail for the last two years.