Law Enforcers Hone Their Gun Skills

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Law enforcement officers are often placed in compromising situations involving firearms.

Training is essential in order to hone their skills. Agents with the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force are at the shooting range running a 30-round course that includes movement.

Operations Training OFC Robert Casterline says, "We try to qualify at least once a year. Anything after that is a plus. You need 20 hours post credit per year anyway. Firearms are one of the high liability areas so we always try to get as much firearms in as we can."

An agent from the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force says, "In our jobs, there may be situations where we may have to fire a weapon to protect our lives or the lives of somebody else. We have to be able to shoot and shoot good."

Agents need a minimum score of 240, which is equivalent to 80 percent. Any shots within the shaded area are worth 10 points; anything outside of the shaded area, but within the target, are worth five points. At the end of the course the Rangemaster adds up the score and those agents that don't qualify are placed on desk duty until they qualify.