Local High School Improved Test Scores

After preparing all year, juniors at Thomas County Central High School can breathe easy. Their scores for the Georgia High School Graduation Test are back.

Amanda Christopher, a junior, says, "I am very happy! I passed all four sections of my graduation test."

Shwanea Rauls, also a junior, adds, "I passed all three parts of the graduation parts of the test, but I failed one, which is social studies, but I don't feel bad ‘cause I have a chance to take it over the summer and I know that I'm going to pass and do better."

Students were tested in English, math, social studies, and science. Overall, Central improved in every section of the test. The school had set a goal for 70 percent of first time test takers to pass all sections and they surpassed it.

Principal Frank Delaney, says, "We're still on cloud nine. We know we gotta come down ‘cause we still need to do better, and we're good, but we're gonna get better."

Jaime Thompson, an English teacher, says, "The kids here, they're competitive and they're gonna want to keep the bar where it is, or if anything move the bar higher, and the teachers will do the same."

Students that did not pass a section of the graduation test will get a chance to re-take it in the summer and again in the fall.

Thomasville High School Principal Dr. Tom McCall says that Thomasville High School's test scores stayed about the same as last year. He adds that they are working hard to improve and prepare for next year's tests.