Meet the New Doctor in Town

National Women's Health Week is coming to an end, but a healthier way of life is only getting started for some area women. The sound of a healthy baby is one that will be delivered right here in Perry.

Christyl Clark says, "My first child, I had to go to Tallahassee for delivery. It was kind of difficult for family to come visit you because you're so far and they're here."

It has been 15 years since there's been an obstetrician in the city of Perry. Doctor's Memorial Hospital has built a labor and delivery unit. Dr. Anthony Perrin says in the year and a half he's practiced here, he's seen a tremendous difference in women's health care.

Dr. Anthony Perrin says, "There are women here that weren't having any kind of contact with a health care provider for five, 10, 20 years. Because of the distance they had to travel, they never made the trip to seek health care."

By age 65, half of all women have two or more chronic diseases. Women are urged to get checked out on a regular basis to prevent these illnesses.

Carla Menchion, RN, says, "We see a great improvement. We've been able to diagnose some cases of different things and been able to treat them and refer them to the proper area."

May 8 through 14 is recognized as National Women's Health Week. Dr. Perrin says he hopes all women practice a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.