Watch Out for Emergency Vehicles

Officials are reminding drivers to be more aware of emergency vehicles out on the roads. Troopers with the Georgia State Patrol say an ambulance was rushing a patient to a Valdosta hospital on Wednesday night when a car driven by 29-year-old Philip Phelps pulled into its path.

Eyewitnesses say the ambulance driver, 39-year-old Wyona Diego, was unable to avoid the collision.

David McLemore with the Georgia State Patrol says, "The law states that if we have a red light or stop sign, we are to yield to traffic in the area. Once traffic acknowledges our presence in the area, they have to yield right of way to us."

Now investigators are trying to figure out if Phelps wrongfully pulled into the intersection of North Valdosta Road and Val-Del, or if the ambulance driver was going too fast.

The Department of Transportation is even checking to make sure the traffic lights were working properly. Folks who work nearby say this intersection has been extremely dangerous and they hope this accident will serve as a great reminder to drivers to be extremely careful when passing through.

Andy Makda, a store owner, says, "This intersection is really a death trap. I see most of the people driving like bullets without even slowing down. The speed limit is 55 mph, they're going 70. It's really deadly."

Officials hope all drivers will see this wreckage that claimed a life and remember to slow down, and be on the lookout for emergency vehicles.

State investigators say it will take them several months to figure out who was at fault.