Monticello Murder

A murder suspect was caught within hours of allegedly gunning down a Monticello man early Saturday morning.

Monticello and Tallahassee police officers worked together to catch the suspect in Tallahassee where he fled. Saturday, John Mitchell is behind bars facing serious charges.

Monticello police responded to a fight at the 900 block of East King Street in Rooster Town. Officers soon learned the fight led to a shooting.

"As the responding officer pulled up just a short distance from the bar, they found a young man lying in the roadway. The officers checked him and found that he had a wound to the chest that appeared to be a small bullet wound," said SGT Roger Murphy of the Monticello Police Department.

Authorities say witnesses identified the shooter as John Mitchell and they told police he was headed to Tallahassee in a gold car.

Monticello police say Tallahassee police officers found the car and the suspect hiding out at an apartment complex. The victim had been life flighted to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

"Tallahassee Memorial called back a short time later and advised that the victim, Ricardo Fadell, was deceased," added SGT Murphy.

People who knew the 22-year-old victim says he was a smart young man, but may have some mental issues.

"He was talking all out of his head. He didn't bother anybody. He was just, if you, you had to know him," said Donna Hagan, a former teacher of the victim. "If you didn't know him, then you'd probably take him another way, but he was real nice," added Hagan.

The suspect in this shooting is John Jermaine Mitchell of Tallahassee. Mitchell was booked into the Leon County Jail, then transferred to the Jefferson County Jail.

John Mitchell is charged with murder and is awaiting first appearance. Monticello police also say that another man has come forward and accused Mitchell of starting an altercation with him and threatened him with a handgun shortly before Fadell was shot.