House Fires

Two house fires just hours away from each other kept Tallahassee firefighters busy overnight.

Tallahassee fire officials say the first call rang out just after midnight Sunday morning. Residents inside a home at the 4000 block of Rockingham Road were alerted of the fire when their smoke detectors sounded the alarm. Within a few minutes fire trucks arrived.

"The first unit arrived on scene and found heavy fire in the garage area and heavy smoke throughout the rest of the structure," said CAPT John Dilks.

Authorities say it was enough smoke to force the family to evacuate the residence until the cleanup made their house safe. Within an hour, firefighters got the call for another blaze. In this one, six pets were trapped inside.

Officials say the residents at the second blaze were out of town when the incident happened, and by the time firefighters were alerted to the fire, more than half of the home had been completely engulfed in flames.

"Yeah, it was pretty hot fire; we had to pull a large diameter of hose lines in order to get it under control. It took a lot of water, a lot of time, a lot of effort on people’s behalf," said LT Jason Byrd with the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Authorities say it was too late to save the dogs. The owners say they were upset over their loss and cried knowing their home had become a graveyard for their beloved pets.

Firefighters are still trying to determine the causes of both of those blazes.