Whatever Happened to Wayne Mixson?

He once served as Florida's governor for all of three days back in 1987. So we wanted to find out: whatever happened to Wayne Mixson?

We recently caught up with former Gov. Wayne Mixson at his Tallahassee home. He sold his sprawling Jackson County farm 10 years ago, but still dabbles in a bit of gardening around his home. He refuses to rest in retirement.

Mixson currently serves on several private sector boards of directors, but for personal reasons, never served as a lobbyist.

Wayne says, "I have a strong feeling there's a conflict of interest between the positions that I held and the influential relationship I had with members of the Legislature, and my seeking to go back and capitalize on that because they paid me for it, I just couldn't do it."

Mixson was first elected to the Florida House in 1967. He's watched Florida's budget grow from less than $1 billion at that time to $65 billion today.

Wayne adds, "With Bob, I said, Bob we came in and had problems in so many area. Were leaving office and still got problems in all those areas. One thing we've learned is that money doesn't necessarily solve all the problems. There's a lot of responsibility on individuals to solve problems in our state."

Mixson moved into the Governor's Mansion for all of three days in January of 1987, after eight years as lieutenant governor. That's when then Gov. Bob Graham left office to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Wayne says, "I didn't tax anybody. I provided all the money for the cost of my inauguration, my supplies in government and what not, so I cost the state taxpayers nothing."