Welcome to Thomasville

Downtown Thomasville is lined with shops and eateries, and from classic lunch landmarks to the fairly new and modern, there's no shortage of places to eat along Main Street.

If you want good ole southern cuisine, then the Plaza's Buffet never disappoints.

James Maddox says, "I've been coming here since 1946. I just like it. It's good food."

Darryl King adds, "It's local. We work right here in town. It's easy to get to; we come and eat here. The food's real good."

If you're looking for a quick lunch and a true Thomasville tradition, have a hot dog at Billiard's.

Joe Kirkland, owner of Billiard's, says, "Like a landmark in downtown Thomasville, people go off and come back and we average selling five to 600 hot dogs a day, chili dogs."

Billiard's has been serving hot dogs since 1949 and they still make their own chili.

Lance Summersett says, "You just gotta come and try one. It's like the first instance that you bite into one, your taste buds are tingling."

And there's always room for the new kid on the block. Although Savannah Moon has only been open for a year and a half, the cafe has charmed its way into downtown.

Betty Guy says, "Because it's so different. Anybody can go in a restaurant, just get soul food, but you like to sometimes spoil yourself and get two pies."

Ben Golden, the owner of Savannah Moon, says, "We try and vary things each day. We have a special each day, and as the weather changes go with something a little lighter."

No matter what mood you're in, when it comes to lunch in Thomasville, there's something for everyone.