In the Mood to Move

Linda Scott never dreamed she would be cooking in a kitchen in her very own home.

Just last week, Linda moved in to a Habitat house, a home that's not only changed her life, but her children's lives as well.

Linda says, "So far they've learned the value of getting a new home and learning the value of keeping their room clean because that has been a big problem, but they are a whole lot."

Linda says her own sweat and tears went into the home, an accomplishment in which she takes great pride.

"This is what I help build and other people helped me build, and this is where I can just sit down and say this is mine, nobody else’s."

If your sitting there wishing you had a beautiful home like Linda's, there is some good news. Habitat officials say they've got the homes, but now they need the families to fill them.

Stuart Mullis of Valdosta Habitat for Humanity says, "Our construction crew has really got on the ball. We've had all this great weather lately and so we've got a little bit ahead of our building process and we need some families."

It’s an interesting dilemma to face, but leaders say they welcome the challenge and opportunity to find Habitat's future homeowners.

For information, call the Valdosta Habitat for Humanity at 229-245-1330.