Last Day of School for Leon County

Now they're sailing into summer vacation. As you can imagine, it was a mix of emotions for teachers, students and staff, all eager to greet their summer, but sad to say good bye.

The Griffin Middle School staff serenades students sailing into summer, closing the chapter on another year of reading writing and arithmetic

Vicki Register, Teacher of the Year at Griffin Middle School, says, "Fast moving, hectic year, bad times make you appreciate the good times you have."

During the last day of classes students spend spare time watching movies, signing year books, and for some, taking an algebra test. Even though the last day is filled with excitement, it's a bittersweet moment.

Brittney Calhoun, a student, says, "Being in the 8th grade its kind of sad because I won't see many of these people."

Imanuel Gayle adds, "Sad because I am going to miss my friends, but fun because you get summer, and I am ready."

For students the summer seems like an endless array of camps, but for teachers it's back to the books. It’s a busy summer following a busy school year for the Griffin Tigers, a year spent seeing their way to an "A."

Principal Michelle Gayle says, "This year grade dropped to a C, but we tool on seeing our grade back to an A, took on all positive words like commitment, character, corporation."

Griffin should know if they saw their way to an "A" sometime this summer.

Leon County was one of the last districts in our area to let out for the summer. South Georgia schools are into their summer break as well.