Mr. Food: Get Your Grill Ready

Some of us are year-round grilling fans. No matter the weather, we're out there, but for those of us who consider Memorial Day the official kick-off of grilling season, we may just want to spruce 'em up for the busy months ahead.

Start off by using a scraper to remove the hard, baked-on stuff, you know, from the last time, and since this is spring cleaning, we'll want to remove the cooking grids and
spray 'em with a good degreaser, maybe even use an oven cleaner on them, and if we use a long-handled scouring brush like this, it'll make our cleanup a breeze!

Now, if your grill is really looking shabby, hose it down inside and out, and if it’s in need of painting, make sure to pick up a paint that can handle high temperatures, so it won't peel off after firing it up a few times.

Of course, we should check our wheels to make sure they're tightly secured to prevent any unexpected, dangerous tip-overs! For those of you with propane grills, look over the hoses for cracks, and make sure all of the tubes are clear.

A little brush like this works great! Maybe even replace any lava rocks or corroded grates. Make sure there's propane, test the burners, and, if something is not right, check the manual.

And if you need replacement parts, they might be cheaper than buying a whole new grill sometimes! A clean grill is not only safer, but it also guarantees us a summer full of sizzling "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"