Massive Manhunt Continues in Wakulla County

Deputies say Glenn Wheeler, Jr. has a history of violence and is now targeting women. People in Wakulla County say they're worried and scared, but they also say they're confident that the police will catch wheeler.

Melanie Courson Roberts, a Wakulla County resident, says, "I've got every door and window locked. I was worried to get out and work in the yard today."

Melanie Courson Roberts says she spent the end of her weekend shut up in her home, listening to every noise, and for good reason.

Melanie says, "We got a call about one in the morning and we were told he was within the perimeter, do not leave the house, do not let the pets out, stay put. It was scary."

Deputies have been searching for Glenn Wheeler, Jr. Deputies say two women's homes have recently been burglarized and the suspect also tried to kidnap them. Deputies say both women have identified Wheeler as their assailant.

MAJ Maurice Langston of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "He has a long-term criminal history. We do know he's had multiple crimes in his past. Right now he's looking at multiple felonies in his future."

With Wheeler's background deputies are being careful, using the help of other agencies to hunt Wheeler down. They're also giving advice to the general public.

MAJ Langston says, "Be vigilant, be watchful. We consider him armed and dangerous."

Wakulla County residents are doing exactly that, but say they can't wait for Wheeler to be put away so they can be free of fear.

Melanie Roberts says, "He's put all of lives in danger and fear; it's not fair."

Deputies say Wheeler may have called a woman early Monday morning, claiming to be a Florida Highway Trooper and that a family member had been hurt.

Deputies say she was suspicious and called police, who responded immediately to her home. Deputies believe they found the vehicle Wheeler was driving, but he ran away.

Call the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office at 850-926-0800 if you have any information in this case. Wheeler has been in and out of state prison since 1987, and deputies say he got out just months ago.