Jefferson County Residents Celebrate Emancipation Day

Monday some African-Americans in Jefferson County took a moment to reflect on their past.

The streets of Monticello came alive Monday as residents took part in the annual Emancipation Day parade. The event gave students a chance to learn about the historical day and its significance for African-Americans

Jemaria Cuiler, a Howard Middle School student, says, "I think it should mean a lot to black folks because we're talking about slavery and how we got freed."

Tamia Campbell of Jefferson County Elementary adds, "I think it's important for us to be free because blacks were not treated right when we were slaves."

Several groups took part in the parade riding in their cars and waving to folks who lined the streets, and music could be heard for miles as several school bands marched to the beat of the drum.

Residents say it's important to commemorate the event as a reminder of their past in order to look forward to their future.

Errin Mays, a Monticello resident, says, "A lot of kids need to know how the slaves got free and what was going on when slavery was happening during slavery. It's something we all need to know because when we was in school they didn't teach us anything about slavery."

Now parents are hoping these students will always remember the significance of Emancipation Day and enjoy the freedom President Lincoln envisioned in 1862.