Waiting on Report Cards

Students will have to "sweat" it out for a couple of weeks before they know if they pass or fail. The Florida Department of Education has delayed the delivery of FCAT scores until May 19, which is the last day of school for the Taylor County district.

Oscar M. Howard, Jr., Taylor County School Superintendent, says, "We just need the results in here to be able to evaluate where our kids are and what we've achieved for the school year."

The school superintendent says report cards will not be mailed until after FCAT scores, along with grades, are assessed.

Brett Bassett, a seventh grade student, says, "I'm really disappointed because I was anticipating what I made. I wanted to see how well I did."

Suzanne Bassett, Brett's mother, says, "So much emphasis is put on FCAT by the state of Florida and the students are pressured all year to do their very best and to work very hard towards it. It would be nice if they could get it back in a timely manner so that the students who did well could be rewarded for their good scores. Those that didn't do so well can make a plan for improving their scores, even if it means summer school."

A representative for the Florida Department of Education says the delay of FCAT scores is due to the Florida hurricanes last season, adding, however, that it is not unusual for some school districts to send report cards with the FCAT scores.

Superintendent Howard says he hopes to have all schools mail out report cards and FCAT results by May 27.