Summer Air Travel Outlook

The Associated Press reports in the last few days, many airlines have boosted domestic round trip flights by as much as $20.

Locally, Tallahassee Regional Airport is bracing for the summer rush. It won't be long until this terminal fills with hundreds of thousands of people headed for their next destination, but what the passengers are bracing for is high air fares.

Just in the last few days the airlines have tagged on an extra $2 to $20 to round trip airfares.

Jim Durwin with Tallahassee Regional Airport, Airport Operations, says, "We have not noticed any significant changes at this time. However, I know that the airlines are still struggling with the cost of oil, that's having an impact on them, so we're going to continue to monitor."

So where are the best prices? Your fellow passengers let you in on their secrets.

Robert Schunke, an airline passenger, says, "I looked on the computer and of course there's airline commercials on TV"

Ron Neall adds, "Shopping on the Internet, it took me a long time to find, you shop around long enough, you get a decent price."

Ernest Ladkani says, "Searching the different travel sites, like Hotwire or Yahoo."

So shopping around on the Internet is the way to go for most of you. Nearly 300,000 people made their way through Tallahassee Regional Airport last summer.