Dog Bite Prevention Week

Those numbers are high here locally as well. You might be surprised to hear who's bitten the most.

Parent Lisa Litteral says her son Johnathan came face to face with a dog as a toddler.

Lisa says, "One time a neighbor dog did actually come and snap at his face because he was so little. I'm sure he provoked it."

Medical experts with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital say children are bitten by dogs more often than adults.

Dr. Javier Escobar of Bixler Emergency Center says, "The reason kids get bitten is because they go after the dog; they go after it while it is eating, and a lot of times it is just one snap and it turns out getting the child in the face or the neck."

May 16 through the 22nd is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Last year in Leon County, there were about 450 reported bites with 60 percent of the victims seeking medical attention.

Marlena Hopkins with the U.S. Postal Service says four Leon County postal workers were bitten last year.

Marlena says, "None of the employees that were bitten had to have rabies shots so as far as the seriousness of them, it would appear that we have not had any bad infractions here."

Recently, Leon County has launched a website listing the dangerous dogs in our area, a way of staying informed while helping you to not become the next victim of a dog bite.

The CDC suggests not leaving infants or young children along with any dog and to spay or neuter, which helps reduce aggressive tendencies.