Memorial Day Events in Our Region

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This Memorial Day people across the nation took time to remember the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

American flags wave silently in the wind hanging still as if in a moment of silence. Each flag representing a soldier's life given up for our freedom.

Korean War veteran Lucius Frazier says, "My thoughts was really on my brother and cousin who had died in Vietnam, and one in Korea, and I always think of them, remember them for what they did and how they did it."

At Tallahassee's Oakland Cemetery, veterans gathered to remember their comrades. In Jefferson County, another ceremony of remembrance and thanks also took place.

VFW Post 251 Commander John Nelson says, "Most veterans do not look for honor, but for this cause since today is a national holiday. Americans need to make sure we recognize those heroes."

In Valdosta, Georgia's home to Moody Air Force Base, the memory of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice was remembered. There was a sense of mourning, but it was honor and thanks that prevailed.

Veteran R.D. Martin says, "There's no greater tribute that you could give to a veteran, especially those who have already passed on."

Everywhere you went there was also a tribute for the men and women who continue to fight.

COL Joe Callahan says, "We've got over 500 people currently from Moody Air Force Base deployed over in Afghanistan and Iraq and also don't forget we also have the Georgia National Guard deployed in Iraq this past weekend."

Even as the ceremonies come to a close and cemeteries sat silent again, the sacrifice and fight of each veteran’s lost life is on in the hearts of each war veteran, each soldier and each American, embracing the freedom they fought for.

Veterans in Valdosta say their mission now is to watch over the families who have loved ones overseas and to honor all service members, fallen or otherwise each and every day.