Hostage Shootout

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There are more details in a shootout between a man, his stepdaughter and a police officer.

Deputies say the victim is fighting to save her leg. The police officer is on leave from work, and the suspect will be booked in jail once he recovers.

Saturday night, Memorial Day weekend, a dropped 9-1-1 call leads officers, a SWAT team and investigators to a home in Apalachicola. Inside, 69-year-old Howard Enfinger Sr., a retired military man, was holding his wife and six children hostage.

"Once they got there, the suspect was armed with high powered rifle."

Apalachicola police helped the children escape through a window. All were unharmed except the 19-year-old stepdaughter.

Franklin County Sheriff Mike Mock says, "She gets shot, then [the] officer returns fire and hits [the] suspect in leg."

Enfinger barricades himself inside the home. That's when Wakulla County's SWAT team is called in. After deploying tear gas and flash grenades, Enfinger gives up.

Dale Wise on the SWAT team in Wakulla County, says, "At that time [the] subject surrenders, he was taken into custody."

No one was killed, but one life may have been changed forever. The turn of events this Memorial Day weekend was tragic for the stepdaughter, who found herself at gunpoint just 24 hours after graduating from high school.

Instead of celebrating with friends and family, the graduate is fighting to walk again.

The stepdaughter is in critical condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, while Enfinger remains under tight security at Bay Memorial Hospital.

Sheriff Mock says he will be booked and charged once he has recovered.