Record High: Traffic Fatalities

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The Memorial Day weekend was the deadliest on record for motorists in Georgia. For many Georgia drivers, the roads were like all others: congested, dangerous and full of careless drivers.

"I'm going the speed limit, and I hate to say it, but it could be a little over, but they're still flying by you and it's very scary," said Memorial Day weekend driver Lynn Loftus.

Georgia State Patrol officials say there were 34 fatalities on Georgia roads over the holiday weekend. It's the highest number of deaths on record for the state since 1969.

Troopers say speeding, alcohol and not wearing seat belts were to blame, and despite the total numbers, GSP says south Georgia fared well.

"From Perry down this way, we had a low number of fatalities. We only had one actually for our troop," said Georgia State Patrol Trooper Anthony Heath.

"Mainly you have to watch out for the other guy more than worrying about your driving. If you drive safe, you definitely have to watch out because people are pulling in front of you," said Georgia driver John Demaranville.

While the number of fatalities this past weekend is staggering, the low blood supply in our area is also a cause for concern since much of the supply was depleted.

"We had a lot of people even here at work who were out traveling on the weekend and all it takes is one accident to result in a massive transfusion, and that person could be you. It could be me," said Blood Services’ Robbin Miller.

It’s a startling reality check and reminder to drive slowly and safely this summer. Georgia troopers say at least 2,100 accidents were recorded for the Memorial Day weekend, injuring 638 people.