Tallahassee Police Chase

An accused burglar may have bitten off more than he could chew after leading police on a chase Tuesday morning.

It ended with a crash and a set of handcuffs around the wrists of 36-year-old Michael Outley.

Bill Blair has repaired cars at a south side shop for more than 20 years. Memorial Day was the first time someone broke in and drove away with a customer's car.

Bill says, "I'm heartbroken for him, and personally feel a little violated by having someone break into my shop."

By sun up that car wound up totaled at the corner of Centerville and Blairstone. Tallahassee police say the driver almost ran over an officer trying to get away, and both the Nissan 300zx and a squad car wound up crashing after a short chase.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "There was no injuries with anybody, suspect or officers, and actually, the one who crashed is actually the one who caught the guy."

It turns out 36-year-old Michael Outley is in even more trouble. He's accused of not only stealing the car and fleeing from police, but of committing a string of burglaries over the last two weeks, including break-ins at Elbows Restaurant, Flava's Music and McKenzie's Market.

Bill Blair is glad Outley is out of the burglar business, at least for now.

Bill says, "I'm glad he's caught; I'm sorry that he had to crash that car before he got caught and I'm sorry he could have potentially injured some of our police officers in the process."

Outley faces a total of 31 different charges for the burglaries, the chase and assault on an officer.