"Click It or Ticket" Campaign Goes Into High Gear in Georgia

Thomasville police officers were in full force along Rose City roadways, enforcing Georgia's seat belt law as part of the department's Click It or Ticket campaign.

Spotters along Jackson and Pinetree Streets watched for drivers not buckled up. Offenders were ushered into a nearby parking lot where waiting officers issued citations. Some drivers admit it's an honest mistake.

Todd Broadway says, "You just kind of lose track of time, don't worry about anything, just hop in the car and get on and go."

Thomasville police say they've given out more than 100 citations in about two hours, but they say Tuesday’s campaign is not about writing tickets, it's about keeping the roadways more safe.

SGT Rachelle Denmark with the Thomasville Police Department says, "This is more of a safety campaign that we can, you know, get the word out to people to make sure they have their seat belt on. A lot of people do say, ‘I forgot,’ or ‘I didn't think about it’ or ‘I usually do, but I didn't this time.’ "

The department's Click It or Ticket campaign will continue for the next few days with various checkpoints around the Rose City. Thomasville police say campaign or not, they hope drivers will be safe and buckle up.

Thomasville police say they also netted several motorists with suspended licenses and outstanding warrants at Tuesday’s seat belt checkpoints.