Mr. Food: Potato Skins to the Rescue!

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Rushing seems to be in our nature! Overnight deliveries, online shopping at the click of a mouse, the express lane at the market, and then there's dinner. When we're in a rush, it may surprise us to realize that we often have the makings for a satisfying full meal from all those odds and ends left over in the fridge.

If we serve 'em up with a novel twist, they won't even seem like leftovers! The twist? Serve 'em up in potato skins! Yeah, potato skins!

We can bake our own potatoes, cut 'em in half, scoop 'em out, and freeze 'em so they're ready in a pinch. Or, even easier, we can buy the pre-made frozen ones!

With those last few slices of deli turkey in our fridge cut up and tossed with last night's steamed broccoli and mixed with some cheese, we've got a full meal! These don't look like leftovers, do they? Last night's leftover hamburger chunked up and combined with tomato sauce and some mozzarella gives us an Italian favorite!

We could also combine leftover chicken with salsa or corned beef with some sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese. Wow, it is a potato Reuben! But there are no limits or rules. We know what we've got in the fridge and what our gang loves, and us too, because this little potato skin goes right from the freezer to the oven and dinner's done in no time! Sounds so simple and it is!

We can mix and match our way to a quick and tasty "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"