Bridge Is Out... Still

It’s a problem that could last another month. Those living and working along Stewart Street in Quincy say they've had enough.

Jennifer Pyburn, a Quincy resident, says, "It's very inconvenient. You've got to take all those side roads to go around."

Joyce James, also a Quincy resident, adds, "It's been like this for a long time now. That doesn't make any sense. It should have been fixed a long time ago."

Quincy city officials say the Stewart Street bridge has been out for about a month due to erosion and storm damage. Rising water from the creek is causing the culvert to separate from the bridge's foundation.

To fix the problem, it will take 250,000 or more dollars, money city officials say they don't have."

Quincy Mayor Sherrie Taylor says, "I would hate if there were an emergency and that road hindered us from getting there in those critical seconds which are needed when there are emergencies."

Florida Rep. Curtis Richardson has been working with the city to help locate funding sources.

Rep. Curtis Richardson, (D) FL District 8, says, "We have contacted the state Department of Transportation and the Department of Community Affairs to find out what emergency resources might be available."

Taylor says while the city waits on the money, engineers have already begun survey work on the bridge.

Sherrie says, "If we can ask the citizens to hold on for another 30 to 45 days that road will be opened and we should never have to face this again because when we do it this time, we will do it right."

Right now city department heads are tightening their budgets, hoping to keep projects like the bridge moving faster.

Rep. Richardson says he should have an answer for Quincy city officials as it relates to the funding by the end of this week.