Tax Free Holiday

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There is some good news when it comes to your bank account this hurricane season. To help residents prepare for the busy storm season, the Sunshine State is offering 12 days of tax free shopping on hurricane supplies.

Stormy skies welcome the start of hurricane season as emergency management officials gather under gray clouds to warn residents that now is the time to prepare.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "We won't dodge the bullet every time; we've got to be prepared."

The last storm to slam the capital city was Kate in 1985. Officials fear the two decade down time has residents downplaying Tallahassee as a target.

Chris Floyd of the American Red Cross says, “Been 20 years since Hurricane Kate hit, this might be the year."

Just in case this is the year, Tallahassee resident Lewis Gaines is stocking up on supplies, taking advantage of the 12 days of tax free shopping on hurricane preparedness items.

Herds of people crowd Home Depot, packing carts with generators, gas cans and batteries.

Darren Drenner, the assistant manager for Home Depot, says, "Seen an increase in customers and this is the first day, but we do have product in supply."

Wet weather, long lines and stocked store shelves are sure sign hurricane season has sprung.

To further help residents prepare, more than 165,000 2005 hurricane survival guides will be distributed. The guides offer helpful hints on hurricane preparedness.