Students Working Against Tobacco Hit the Road

Twenty four shirts, each representing 50 Americans, SWAT, Students Working Against Tobacco, took to the streets to illustrate the 1,200 Americans that die every day from tobacco.

Brittany Butler, a SWAT member, says, "As they drive by, they think, ‘yeah, tobacco kills,’ but then they see, wow, tobacco kills that many people every day."

The Suwannee County chapter, made of mostly high school students, are on a six-day, 16-county tour, spreading the word on the dangers of tobacco and encouraging people not to smoke.

Corey Bridges shares, "We are here to spread the word about Big Tobacco's lies and manipulation. We're here to make sure that everybody knows what they're doing."

Meghan Ortega says, "Just seeing that people are dying off from Big Tobacco. I've had many family members die from cancer. It's just horrible.”

"Be the Change Tour 2005" is the theme of the campaign.

As motorists drive by their signs, SWAT members say they hope to be the change that stops tobacco advertisers from targeting minors, and spark a movement for a healthier America.

The group began its tour from Suwannee County Tuesday, stopping in Madison and Monticello. The next stop is Perry.